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Help! The tracking says its delivered but I can't find it!Updated 4 months ago

Let's put on our detective hats and do a little investigating together!

For our rural customers:

Once a package has been handed over to rural we expect delivery to be completed to your property within 48 hours!

And for our non-rural customers:

  • Please check your order confirmation to make sure the delivery address was perfectly penned at the time of ordering.
  • Have a little adventure searching your property. If you weren't there to greet your delivery, our local driver might have tucked your goods away in a sneaky safe spot, sometimes out of plain sight!
  • Have a chat with your household members to see if they've helpfully moved your package to a safe place.

If you are still not able to locate your package, lets us know and we'll liaise with the couriers on your behalf.

Just a gentle reminder: while we pour our hearts into ensuring your packages travel from us to you smoothly, we can't take on the responsibility for packages that wander off, get lost, are taken, or find themselves in a bit of a pickle after we've followed instructions to leave them at your chosen spot.

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